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The Terminus platform provides a seamless way to perform best in auctions, and help manage the full lifecycle of tax lien certificates.

The complete end-to-end solution

Terminus Labs is packed full of time-saving and revenue-generating features

Auction Due-Diligence

Certificate Management

Certificate Exchange


Utilize the powerful tools to quickly and efficiently determine properties most valuable to you in an auction.

Certificate Management

Full-lifecycle management software for tax lien certificates

Manage Redemptions

Terminus Labs provides seamless tools to input checks, deposits, and receipts. Keeping your organized and fully informed on the financial performance of your portfolio

Visualize Investments

Our robust reporting feature offers an unparalleled view of your portfolio. Create & share reports with ease allowing you to be as granular as you need to with your data.

Utilize Your Credit

Our financing tools provide an intuitive way to manage multiple lines of credit. This allows you to keep track of your credit utilization & gives you the ability to easily generate month-end reports to send to your credit provider.

Work With Lawyers

Our legal pipeline tool helps you manage key dates throughout a certificates lifecycle. Allow your legal team to view key data with a clear & direct line of communication.

Certificate Exchange

Buy & Sell Certificates on our secondary market