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Auction Platform Overview

What Is the Terminus Labs Auction Platform?

The Terminus Labs Auction Platform is an all encompassing tool that helps save you time. Every Auction comes with the ability to filter the auction list down to smaller lists that are easier to navigate. We also have a satellite map view to see all of the property locations and filter by the ones you see in the map. You can use our county or State specific filters or information to help better compete at the auction and manage your lists. The Platform also allows you to get more information on any property by requesting a property inspection or sales comparables of the property area.

How Do I Purchase an Auction?

How to Purchase an Auction

To purchase an auction, first make sure you are on the Auction Home Page. Here you will see a collection of upcoming and past auctions that are available to purchase. Click on any one auction and a pop up will show prompting you to enter in your credit card information. Here we also give a overview of the perks and benefits you get with every auction you purchase. Once done, click "Confirm Payment" and you have now purchased an auction! Keep reading to find out important parts of our auction platform.

How Do Filters Work?

How Filters Work

Filters allow you to narrow down the auction list into a more sizeable list that is easier to work through. Using our filter tools, you can filter the properties on a number of different criteria, including county or state specific filters. We include a wide range of different filters for your every need, so make sure to mix and match to get the exact list of properties that you are looking for!

What Does the Map Do?

What the Map Does

The map allows you to search and view all of the properties in the auction list from a satellite view. You can view the property boundaries to know the exact layout of the property you are looking at and see their proximity in relation to other properties. Clicking on a property in the map also brings up the property information so you can get all of the same information from the table as you can from the map. Zooming in on the map allows you to filter the properties to ones in a specific location, which helps to bring the list down to a more compact size.

How Do I Get More Information for a Specific Property?

While the Terminus Labs Auction Platform does come with a ton of information out of the gate, we do allow you to get more information on any specific property. While viewing any property, you can request a visual inspection to be conducted for that property. After you have requested a visual inspection for a property, we will have a Terminus Labs Inspector go to the property and fill out information regarding the property condition, the area rating, if its occupied, and any extra information that does not fall into those categories. As well, the inspector will take photos of the property so you can see the most up to date photos of it. For any property that is not vacant land, you can request a sales comparable. We will instantly get information regarding the surrounding area and return any information about the recent sales within a mile radius.